Exceeding the demand of today’s top motorcycle manufacturers, is a task worthy of these super-exotic examples of American art & industrial ingenuity. We fill the void where others fail at preventing and resolving gas tank related problems of rust and corrosion and inferior linings and coatings. We are the only gas tank restoration company to achieve a perfect 100% rust removal from the entire interior of the gas tank. Our Electrochemical Disintegration Machines (EDM) leave the interior of the gas tank in a galvanetic state of cleanliness and is ready to begin the vulcanizing process.

•The new liner is a permanent fuel tank coating
•No harm to external paint work
No cutting, sawing, drilling or welding to your tank
•Any steel, aluminum or fiberglass tank
•Don't wait for a gas tank repair restoration in the future...new  tanks can be protected with our gas tank sealer and permanent tank coating, or pretreated tanks can have their defective fuel tank lining removed and our fuel tank lining can be added to create a new tank coating. 

Don't leave your motorcycle gas tank lining to just any company using an off the shelf product...use our permanent fuel tank liner which will exceed all of your expectations AND provide a LIFETIME 
NO FAIL guarantee!! 
Take a look at what your tank will look like once it is lined.

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Don't settle for temporary fixes...
Get it back to new!
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Proper Packaging of your gas tank for shipment is the key to a safe and undamaged arrival to our location. Click below for a video on proper packaging recommendations.